Horse breeds: Criollo

Horse breeds: Criollo

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Origins and attitudes

Saddle horse and light pull from South America (Peru, Argentina). derives from the Arabian, Berber and Andalusian horses brought by the Spanish conquerors. It changes slightly according to the places where it is bred and from the crossbreeds to which it has been subjected: in Chile it is called Chileno, in Colombia Guajira, in Venezuela Llnero, in Peru Salteno.
It is the typical horse of the gauchos of Latin America. Robust, fast, skilled in working with the herds.

Morphological characters

Type: mesomorphic.
Cloak: all varieties; frequent white markings and mule line.
Height at the withers: 140 - 150 cm.
Weight: 400 - 480 kg.
Tenacious and willing character.

Criollo horse (photo

Video: Sold 2015 AztecaCriollo Gelding (June 2022).


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