Rabbit reproductive system

Rabbit reproductive system

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The rabbit's reproductive system is located, as in all other animal species, in the abdomen. The ovaries, whose job is the production and development of follicles, are located on the sides of the spine. Follicles are small vesicles containing one egg each. The ovum is the female sexual cell which, after mating, will merge with the sperm and give rise to the zygote.
From the rupture of the follicle will originate the corpus luteum which will produce the progesterone, hormone essential for the maintenance of pregnancy.
The ovidutti or salpingi are two small channels that start from the ovaries with a funnel-shaped dilation (infundibulum).
The infundibulum wraps the ovary and collects the egg at the time of dehiscence (rupture); thus the egg will flow inside the oviduct until it meets the spermatozoa and is fertilized. The uterus is a hollow organ and is the site where embryos will nest and develop. This organ, in the rabbit, unlike the other production animals, is double.
The cervix, or neck of the uterus, is a canal that connects the vagina to the uterus. It is open during the heat and childbirth and remains closed, however, for the duration of the pregnancy in order to isolate the fetuses from the outside world.
Vulva and vagina are the most external organs of the female genital system and are responsible for receiving the penis, and therefore sperm, during mating.

Dr. Cristiano Papeschi - University of Tuscia (VT)

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