Goat breeds: Capra Pei

Goat breeds: Capra Pei

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Origin and diffusion

Origin: France - La Réunion

The primary population of this breed is characterized by a great diversity of phenotypes. His three centuries of adaptation have allowed him to acquire resistance characteristics.
Chèvre Péï has been replaced by the Boer goat, with higher milk production, but a safeguard program has been put in place to maintain and promote this goat which is part of the cultural heritage of Reunion. Funded by ODEADOM, this program is based on official national recognition of the breed (target achieved in 2011), the establishment of a breed standard and a population census.
In 2014, 1000 fertile females were registered (INRA data).

Morphological and productive characteristics

Small size.
Its body must present a harmony and a symmetry of the forms with a marked and generally empty back line.

Medium weight:
- Female: 25-40 kg

The Péï goat is appreciated and sought after for its meat with a very particular taste, and only more rarely for the cheese obtained from its milk. Robust, prolific breed, ease in childbirth and with an excellent maternal instinct.

Goats Péï (photo

Capra Péï (photo

Capra Péï (photo

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