Breeds of dogs: Sussex Spaniel

Breeds of dogs: Sussex Spaniel

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Great Britain.
F.C.I classification: Group 8 - Group 8 - hunting dogs.

The Sussex Spaniel is a breed native to the Sussex region, from which it takes its name. It was created in the 19th century. Its official recognition dates back to 1885. Breed not very widespread among hunters, because at sunset its golden liver-colored fur blends with the colors of the forest and other animals; this mimicry greatly increases the risk of hitting him by mistake.

General aspect

Solid dog, with solid construction. Very active and energetic dog. One of the fundamental characteristics of this breed is the particular movement, very collected, different from that of all the other Spaniels.


When not active, he is a mild dog; he becomes very gritty and very energetic when he works. Large barker. Dog suitable for hunting and also for carrying small wild animals. It is also highly appreciated as a companion breed.

Sussex Spaniel (photo

Sussex Spaniel (photo

Sussex Spaniel (photo


Height: ideal height: 38-41 cm at the withers.

Trunk: strong and well proportioned.
Head and muzzle: flat muzzle, broad and rounded skull. Stop quite pronounced.
Truffle: brown.
Teeth: the teeth must be complete and correct. White teeth.
Neck: robust.
Eyes: they are hazel colored, rather large, not prominent, with a sweet expression.
Ears: they are thick, rather large, lobe-shaped; they have a moderately low hairline and close to the head.
Limbs: straight and rather robust; perfectly straight and with excellent musculature, especially in the hind limbs.
Tail: attached low. Equipped with live movements. It is never carried higher than the back line. It can be shortened to a length of 12.75-17.75 cm.
Hair: abundant and flat. Dense undercoat. There are moderate fringes on both the front and hind limbs. Tail without fringes, but with dense hair.
Allowed colors: intense golden liver color, particularly at the extremity of the limbs. Dark brown or flea-colored are not desirable.
Defects: any deviation from the above is a defect.

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