Dog breeds: Lompos Hungarian Shepherd Dog

Dog breeds: Lompos Hungarian Shepherd Dog

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: Hungary.
F.C.I classification: UNRECOGNIZED BREED

Many consider Lompos only a variety of "Komondor". This type of dog has a close relationship with the "Pyrenean mountain dog" and with the "Maremma-Abruzzese Shepherd". This breed has gradually lost popularity, not being a recognized breed, and being now outdated by the "Komondor" and the "Puli". One of the main problems of this dog is that there is not even a draft Standard, which, even without approval, would still be a point of reference for fans.

General aspect

Medium-sized dog, with massive and powerful construction. It has the particularity of having the entire body covered by a very long white hair, which touches the ground. Very similar to the "Komondor", morphologically speaking.


Very nice in his character, as well as in his physical appearance. He has a cheerful and lively temperament. He is always festive and jovial with those whom he considers friends, but he also knows how to be a discreet guard dog, given his distrust of strangers. Very affectionate with the family. It is a dog that needs periodic hair care and cleaning. It is a dog of good resistance both in cold temperatures and in bad weather, having the hair that protects it entirely.

Hungarian Shepherd Dog Lompos (drawing by Federico Vinattieri


There is no draft Standard, nor any kind of aesthetic description or measurement. There is no club that protects it. Currently the breed is not recognized by the International Cynological Federation. It is a breed likely to disappear.

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