How to care for pineapple lily plant

How to care for pineapple lily plant

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There are few more magnificent bulbs for your summer and autumn garden than eucomis, commonly known as pineapple lilies because of their distinctive flower spikes and rosette of leaves. Lush and architectural, they look almost as good in seed as they do in full flower and very much hold their own in the garden for a good three month stretch. Many are on the chunky, or at least on the towering side — Eucomis pole-evansii , for example, is unparalleled in its show and total dominance of its patch of garden, standing at nearly 6-feet tall. You can't beat it. But not all are so attention-grabbing.

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How do you grow a pineapple lily?

Search Search. Menu Sections. T he spike is made up of dozens of small open trumpet flowers and it really looks like a narrow pineapple with a little tuft of leaves on top, just like a real pineapple fruit. The similarity of shape is just coincidental, a quirk of the way these two plants are structured.

There are various species, and hybrids of these. The flowers can be green to cream-colour and some have very attractive, wind-purple colouring on the flowers and stems. Because it flowers in late summer, the pineapple lily brings a touch of magic late in the season. Being part of the lily family and close to the familiar hyacinth, it is not surprising that this plant grows from a bulb about the same size as hyacinth or a medium-sized onion.

The bulbs are sold in spring and planted out in April or May in the open ground or into pots. Although this is an exotic-looking flower, it is very easy to grow. Get the best home, property and gardening stories straight to your inbox every Saturday.

Enter email address This field is required Sign Up. It is native to South Africa where it grows in meadows that are moist for at least part of the year. The leaves die off in autumn and the plant re-appears in spring. Years ago, this plant was considered to be suitable only for growing in a greenhouse, because it seemed so tender, but it can be grown outdoors.

The bulbs are almost hardy and can be left in the ground year after year, the greater danger being due to rotting if the soil gets flooded in winter. It can also be grown in a greenhouse or conservatory where it looks great in a large pot, given plenty of root space to make its big broad leaves and upright flower spike.

The pineapple lily brings a decidedly exotic touch. Its lushness is great for a tropical planting scheme along with banana, tree ferns, cannas and dahlias. The pineapple lily is ideal as a low filler at the front. Eucomis likes rich fertile soil with plenty of humus. Pineapple lily brings a real touch of the exotic. Gerry Daly August 18 AM.

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Flamboyant Flower Head atop Beautiful Body

This is a really unusual conifer from New Zealand. Phyllocladus is its latin name but it has the common names Toatoa and Mountain Celery Pine. I bought it from my local garden centre on impulse as I thought it would look good in the rock garden, its branching tree-like shape adding a contrast to the hummocky alpine plants that surround it. A friend from New Zealand visited and spotted it straight away. In what seems a very romantic scenario her male and female forms are planted alongside each other which means she may soon see tiny red globe-shaped cones develop. If I told you these four plants were grown from seed sown in February would you believe me?

Good drainage is central to maintaining healthy pineapple lilies, as they grow in the coarse soils of South Africa. Start with large bulbs.

Pineapple Lily/Eucomis Planting Guide

Showy flower heads topped with tufts of green bracts make Pineapple Lily a favorite of Southern gardeners. But did you know that you can grow this dazzling beauty indoors? Pineapple lilies grow wonderfully in containers. This South African native grows in a ground-hugging rosette of smooth, lance-shaped leaves that grow to 2 ft 60 cm tall. The upright flower stems are typically yellow-green, sometimes flecked with dark-red spots. Those stems are sturdy enough to hold up heavy flower heads and won't need staking.Give Eucomis comosa plenty of light. Some full sun is needed to make this tropical beauty bloom.

Pineapple Lilies

It was and still is growing in full sun with practically no attention from horticulture staff and zero irrigation. It is from South Africa and looks like one of the most exquisite plants you could ever grow in the landscape. The plants reach around 2 feet tall and wide with handsome, strapped leaves. If it never bloomed, you could consider using this plant for the texture it provides to the garden. It does bloom with an amazing display of small, starry florets that open from the bottom up on a thick, inch-tall flower stalk.

The Burgandy-green leaves grow in a rosette from which a 2-foot tall purple stem arises with clusters of star-shaped flowers in mid to late summer.

Plant Pineapple Lily Bulbs in Spring for Summer Bloom

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. To determine if a plant is sufficiently cold hardy, the USDA created numbered zones indicating winter low temperatures; the lower the zone number the colder the winter. Summer Blooming Bulbs , including popular varieties such as gladiolus and dahlias, are planted in the spring and bloom in the summer. Most of these bulbs are tropical and require warm weather to be planted.

Is a pineapple lily a perennial?

Eucomis are summer-blooming bulbs with unusual flowers that are the source of this plant's common name: pineapple lily. Depending on the cultivar, the long, strappy leaves can be green or burgundy, and the stems may be freckled with purple. Eucomis flower colors come in white, pink and violet. Though they look exotic, eucomis are easy to grow and their long-lasting flowers and attractive foliage are always an exciting addition to flowerbeds, borders and containers. Eucomis bulbs are graded by size, measured in centimeters. Shade and Sun: In northern zones, eucomis grow best in full sun.

Start pineapple lilies from seeds, bulbs or cuttings. When planting bulbs, loosen about 7 to 8 inches of well-drained soil and plant right at the surface of the.

Eucomis autumnalis

Gardeners who want to add a tropical flair to gardens can plant pineapple lilies Eucomis. The exotic plant has funnel-shaped spikes of flowers that resemble the shape of a pineapple. Pineapple lilies are native to southern Africa.

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Grown for its ability to add instant tropical vibes to a space, pineapple lily is a tender bulb that grows well in both the landscape and in containers. Pineapple-shaped flower spikes bloom in shades of green, pink, violet, and white above wide, strap-like leaves. Count on pineapple lily to bloom for six weeks or more in summer. In cold climates, dig up bulbs and save them in a frost-free place over winter or simply treat them as annuals and enjoy them for one season. Pineapple lily is a cinch to grow in a container. Pair this bold tropical bulb with bright magenta, purple, yellow, and orange annuals for a summer-long parade of color.

This site needs to use cookies to function correctly, please enable cookies in your web browser settings how to enable cookies. These garden super stars flower for months and are simple to care for.

Flowers come in lots of shapes and forms - these remind us of crazy little Dr. Seusse characters with their spiky top tufts and colorful clusters of tiny florettes. Long flowering, easy care, rarely bothered by disease or bugs, these are fun additions to gardens and first-rate choices for containers. Your wishlist has been temporarily saved. Please Log in to save it permanently. Botanical Name: Eucomis comosa 'Tugela Gem'.

Make a donation. Eucomis pineapple flowers may look exotic, with their blooms being crowned by a tuft of leaves, but they are, in fact, quite easy to grow. Try them in containers on the patio and in the conservatory, or a sunny border in the garden. Frost-hardy pineapple flowers can be grown outdoors in the southern parts of the UK, but in other areas, grow them in containers and move to a sheltered position when the weather cools.