Pig breeds: Red wattle pig

Pig breeds: Red wattle pig

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Origin, diffusion and production characteristics

Area of ​​origin: United States.

The Wattle red hog is a domestic pig breed native to the United States. It takes its name for its red color and the fleshy and decorative wattle attached to the two sides of the neck; is on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) endangered species list.
The origin and history of this breed of pigs is considered scientifically obscure, although many different stories are known. One theory is that French colonists brought these pigs to the United States from the Island of New Caledonia off the coast of Australia in the late 1700s. By adapting well to the new lands, the red wattle pig soon became a very common breed in the USA. Unfortunately as the colonists moved westward, this breed began to lose favor because the colonists came into contact with breeds that boasted a higher fat content, important for the production of lard and soap. These pigs were left to roam the eastern hills of Texas, where they were hunted to near extinction, until a certain Mr. H.C. Wengler ran into a herd in the thick forest and started raising them.

Morphological characteristics

The red wattle pig is known for its endurance, forage activity and rapid growth rate. Sows are excellent mothers, who give birth to 9-10 pigs and manage to supply large quantities of milk for all. For their adaptability to different types of climates, these pigs are an excellent choice for those interested in the production of pigs outdoors or on pastures. The meat of this pig breed is exceptionally lean and juicy, with a tasty flavor and consistency similar to beef.

Red wattle pig (By Mark Whitby from USA - [1], CC BY 2.0,

Young specimens of red wattle pigs

Red wattle pig

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