Marine Protected Area Sinis Peninsula - Mal di Ventre Island - Sardinia

Marine Protected Area Sinis Peninsula - Mal di Ventre Island - Sardinia

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Marine Protected Area; established according to Law 979/82, supplemented by Law 394 of 1991, with a decree of the Ministry of the Environment, on 12 December 1997.
Region: Sardinia
Province: Oristano

The Marine Protected Area of ​​the Sinis Peninsula - Mal di Ventre Island occupies a sea area of ​​approximately 24,800 hectares, divided into different degrees of protection, in the Municipality of Cabras.

View of Capo San Marco area (photo

Aerial view of Cabras (photo E. Trainito


The environments that characterize the Sinis Peninsula Protected Marine Area - Mal di Ventre Island are very varied: from Su Siccu, the end of the area in the Gulf of Oristano, the lagoon landscape has a sandy tongue that separates the Mistras pond from the Dead Sea; from the promontory of Capo San Marco the coast becomes rocky and then degrades in the Mare Vivo, in San Giovanni di Sinis, and rises again with the cliff walls of Torre Seu. To the north the coast has low cliffs and long sandy quartziferous beaches, such as Is Arutas and Mari Ermi, with dune cords along the hinterland, covered by typical Mediterranean vegetation. After Capo Sa Sturaggia, the high white cliffs of Su Tingiosu close the coastal area of ​​the protected area. In the clear sea, two pristine islands: the granite Mal di Ventre Island and the basaltic Catalan rock. The origin of the Sinis ponds is linked to the isolation of stretches of sea caused by the construction of sandy cords parallel to the coast, a clear example is the Mistras lagoon. Behind the protected area, the hinterland with large marshlands and the plain of the Sinis peninsula, part of the vast Campidano table.
The first traces of human presence in the Sinis date back to the Neolotic period (around 400 BC): in the islet of Cuccuru Is Arrius (Stagno di Cabras) some tombs with small votive statues of the god Taurus and the mother goddess were found. In the area there are many nuragic towers in addition to the nuragic complex of SUraki and the discovery of numerous sandstone statues depicting nuragic warriors found in Monti Prama.
Very rich lavifauna that frequents the area: in the ponds and in the lagoons we find the knights of Italy, the avocets, the partridges of the sea, the golden plovers, the fighters, the pink seagulls, the swallows of the sea, the pigeons, the common terns, the fraticelli , the mignattini; other birds are the bittern, lairone, red lairone, the egret, the great white lairone, the porciglione, the moorhen, the sultan chicken.

There are three different areas of protection:
- Zone A (Integral reserve): surface of 529 hectares - Coast line 1,356 meters;
- Zone B (General reserve): surface of 1,031 hectares - Coast line 5,236 meters;
- Zone C (Partial reserve) surface of 24.113 hectares - Coastline 18.507 meters.

Information for the visit

The Visitor Center is located in the seaside village of San Giovanni di Sinis (Cabras).
How to get there:
- From Alghero: take the SS to Sassari and then the highway n. 131 to the junction for Oristano Nord; then to the Remedy and then follow the signs for Cabras - Tharros;
or: Panoramic seaside that crosses Bosa, the Marina of Tresnuraghes and Cuglieri, Santa Caterina, Riola, Nurachi and then the junction for Cabras (SS 292).
- From Cagliari: take the SS 131 for almost 100 km to the junction for Oristano; cross S. Giusta, Oristano to the Remedy and continue towards Cabras; or continue until Km 100 (Oristano Nord).
- From Olbia: take the new 131 Bis Olbia-Siniscola-Nuoro highway, then take the 131 to the junction for Abbasanta up to the junction for Oristano Nord; continue until the remedy and follow the signs for Cabras.

The management of the Area is entrusted to the Municipality of Cabras with an agreement dated February 5, 1998.
Municipality of Cabras
Piazza Eleonora, 1
09072 Cabras (OR)

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