Monte Barro Regional Natural Park - Lombardy

Monte Barro Regional Natural Park - Lombardy

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Regional Natural Park; established with L.R. September 16, 1983, n. 78.
Lombardy region
Province: Lecco

The Monte Barro Natural Park affects the pre-Alpine relief of the same name in the province of Lecco; it occupies an area of ​​665 hectares in the municipalities of Galbiate, Garlate, Lecco, Malgrate, Oggiono, Pescate and Valmadrera.

Monte Barro Natural Park (photo


Monte barro (922 m), located south of Lecco, between the lakes of Annone and Garlate, is composed of twisted layers of dolomite. From the top you can enjoy a splendid panorama of the lake and the city of Lecco, the Brianza lakes and the Grigne massif. The area's gelogical formations are interesting, such as doline outcrops of dolomites and many erratic boulders. The naturalistic richness of the area is constituted by the presence of glacial wrecks (such as peony), rock vegetation and strips of insubric prairie. In the eighties of the twentieth century traces of an ancient Ostrogoth settlement were found, dating back to the end of the fourth century, fifth and sixth centuries AD.

Archaeological Park of Monte Barro

Information for the visit

Headquarters: Fraz. Camporeso
23851 Galbiate (LC)

Video: traccia Monte Barro Running- Trofeo Luigi Galbiati 2018 (June 2022).


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