Dry Natural Marine Area of ​​Tor Paterno - Lazio

Dry Natural Marine Area of ​​Tor Paterno - Lazio

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Natural Marine Area; established with D.M. November 29, 2000
Lazio region
Province: Rome

The Dry Natural Marine Area of ​​Tor Paterno is located a few minutes from Rome, off the Lido of Castel Fusano; affects an area of

Castagnola - Dry Natural Marine Area of ​​Tor Paterno (photo


The Secche di Tor Paterno consist of a rock formation, covered by animal and vegetable organisms which, by digging or building their burrows over the centuries, have changed their shape. They look like a real island on the seabed, in a large desert of sand and mud. The maximum depth is about 60 meters while the top of the mountain reaches 18 meters below sea level.
The Marine Area is populated by many animal and plant species: Posidonia oceanica and colonies of Coelenterates such as the beautiful red Gorgonia and Alcionari can be found. There are also frequent, in large numbers, fish from the seabed such as the Moray, the Gronco, the Mullet and the Anglerfish and both from open waters, such as the Sea Bass, the Cefalo, lOcchiata, the Sarago. On the surface, in some seasons, it is not difficult to spot dolphins in addition to some species of sea birds.

Information for the visit

Regional Body for the Management of the System of Protected Natural Areas of the Municipality of Rome

Video: Le Secche di Tor Paterno (May 2022).