Bosco di Scardavilla Regional Nature Reserve - Emilia-Romagna

Bosco di Scardavilla Regional Nature Reserve - Emilia-Romagna

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Regional Oriented Natural Reserve; established with D.C.R. January 29, 1991 n. 342
Emilia Romagna region
Province: Forlì

The Bosco di Scardavilla Nature Reserve covers an area of ​​28.9 hectares, in the north-western portion of the Municipality of Meldola (FC), at the foot of the hills that overlook the town and reach the town of Ravaldino in Monte.

Bosco di Scardavilla Regional Nature Reserve


The main nucleus of the Reserve is made up of a oak forest dominated by Turkey oak of considerable naturalistic importance as a relic of the forests that covered most of the territory in the past; the biotope has a high floristic and faunal richness favored by its geographical position and moderately acid soil, factors that have allowed the establishment of Mediterranean calciferous plants (Cistus salvifolius, Erica arborea) opposed to species of fresh climates and evolved soils such as Dog tooth, red lily, Carex pallescens and the fern Polystichum aculeatum. Wildlife studies confirm the considerable amount of species especially among invertebrates, amphibians and micro-mammals.

Information for the visit

Municipality of Meldola
Orsini square
47014 Meldola (FO)
Tel. 0543493114

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