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This site is a place of study and rigorous information that must be faced with the desire to learn and understand. The aim is to provide information on agriculture, animal husbandry and the environment.
Such a vast and complex field undergoes continuous updates and new discoveries, therefore the pages are constantly evolving. is structured in atlases dedicated to the various agricultural disciplines: plant world (herbaceous crops, fruit trees, forest plants, pot plants, aromatic and medicinal herbs, mushrooms), farm animals (bees and beekeeping, donkeys, ducks, cattle, goats, horses, pigeons, rabbits, pheasants, guinea fowl, geese, sheep, fish and aquaculture, chickens, pigs, turkeys, etc.), pets (dogs, cats, guinea pigs, canaries, finches, estrildidae), viticulture and oenology, agricultural entomology, mechanics, forestry, agricultural economics and estimation, agricultural chemistry (industries, typical products, IGP, PDO and DOCG wines) and other sections (exam topics, game, Italian wildlife, Italian parks, reptiles and exotic mammals ,). A total of almost 7,000 descriptive cards accompanied by many images.
The various sections can be accessed by clicking on the menu items on the right or top of each page of the site. Within each section the menu on the right will allow easy navigation.

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